Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

Saving Money on Back to School Shopping

Back-to-school is one of the most trying times for any parent. This time has always been marked with constant agonies of having to deal with revolting kids and to some parents; this is the time to check the newsletters to ensure they comply with the requirements for the next term.

Adding to this list of worries is shopping for your kids and because this touches all parents in a tender place, it needs to be approached with more caution than ever before. Let us look at some of the tips you could use to save yourself some cash, time and peace of mind on your next back to school shopping experience.

Sweep Your Closet and Drawers

When is the last time you did a thorough sweep of your or your children’s drawers and closets? Or even better, when is the last time you saw something truly valuable in there but ignored it? As much as you may not believe it, your closets and drawers could give you a head start before doing any back-to-school shopping for your kids.

You can start from your office before proceeding home to do a similar sweep and by the time you are done, you will have plenty of stationery that your kid could find resourceful. Sort them out and then take back what you truly need for your day-to-day work before handing over the rest to your kid. This will save you a great deal of money and time, aside from helping you do some de-cluttering [something not so many of us are good at].

Have You Tried Garage Sales and Thrift Stores?

Ever since the idea of garage sales was embraced, there has never been a limit to the deals you can scoop out of this kind of shopping. The common supplies you will find in garage sales and at fairly reasonable prices include gently used shoes, clothing and uniform supplies, backpacks and many more.

The same concept has been picked by thrift stores which avail all manner of items, especially those geared towards parents with school-going children. The only piece of advice is to take advantage of these offers way before the opening date as the stock is always cleared within the first day of the kids going back to school.

How About Coupons?

The idea of discounts is something that appeals to any parent and since back-to-school times often catch most parents unawares, one thing that could save you the agony of over-spending is using coupons. There are so many stores [online or otherwise] that offer coupons so you can redeem them and enjoy priceless back-to-school shopping experience.

Invest in your Sunday paper to check out some of the sites such as Walmart and RetailMeNot for various back-to-school coupon codes. All you have to do is correctly match the codes and voila.  Here is where to find the best coupons.

Lastly, Don’t Forget The All-Time Tip of Bulk Buying

So when all is said and done, you can still redeem your finances during the back-to-school times by buying in bulk. One beauty of bulk buying is that stationery do not go bad or get damaged easily so that piece of pen and a ruler that you bought for your kid in January can still be used in September.

You can also take advantage of bulk-buying by ensuring you do your shopping during off-peak seasons [the seasons when the demand for school items is at all-time low]. If you spot anything your kid does not presently need but one that they may need in future, do not be afraid to pick it and keep it for that rainy day.

The 4 Best Sites for Women’s Fashion Online

The 4 Best Sites for Women's Fashion Online

The beauty of online shopping is not something to be wished away. One advantage that this kind of shopping has over shopping in the traditional brick-and-mortar stores is that it offers convenience for shoppers and regardless of where you are in the world, you can always sample and select your desired item and have the store arrange for shipment.

As we probably already know, online fashion stores are among those with the highest traffic, thanks to women’s insatiable desire for fashionable items. Let us look at the 4 best sites for women’s fashion online today.

Necessary Clothing

When looking for an online store that understands the budget needs of the shopper, you can always count on Necessary Clothing. Their brick-and-mortar store may be based in NYC but regardless of wherever you are in the world, you can enjoy the experience of shopping for their items any day anytime.

And do not let the name of the store fool you as the fashion items you will find here are more than “necessary’’. From the usual to the rarest, tops, bottoms, dresses, outwear among other fashion accessories, there is simply no limit to you shopping experience on this store.

Fashion Dig

There are a few online stores that offer much more than mere women’s fashionable items and Fashion Dig is one among the few. Here, you will not only be treated to an array of classy and trendy women’s garment but you can also receive some quality fashion advise from some of the top fashion experts and bloggers of our times.

Even better, you can take advantage of this site for recommendations on books that touch on fashion and to top it all, the site has interactive features that enable easy of navigation. In a nut shell, Fashion Dig is dedicated to ensuring your experience here is as efficient as possible and that you save as much time as you can shopping for your fashion items.


What makes 2020Ave stand out from the large crowd of women’s fashion online stores? If you have been here, you may have noticed they serve the needs of women with different body shapes and that is an amazing feature already. But just when you think you’ve had it all, you will be amazed at the never-ending discounts and promotions run by the site. This is indeed an incentive to buy more and enjoy their priceless, classy women’s clothing and other fashion accessories.

And lastly, they appreciate the exigencies of time and this is clearly demonstrated in their fast shipping. Whether you are in the West, Africa or the Far East, you can consider this site your shortest distance to making that unforgettable fashion statement.

Like all the sites we have discussed above, the also has its strongest selling point and that lies in the flexibility it offers in their pricing. The store offers pricing plans from the moderate to the high so shoppers of all budgets are well-taken care of.

Here, you will sample an array of panties, bras, tights, girdles, things; just to name a few. The variety, coupled with their highly responsive support is enough to keep you hooked up to them forever.